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• Offset Printing Machines
• Air – Cinditioning Plants
• General Laboratory Equiments.
• Signalling, Radars, Telecommunications.
• Industrial and Lighting Loads
• Domestic Load.
• Textiles Industries.
• Pharmaceutical Industries
• C.N.C Machines
• Medical Equipments
• Escalators and Elevators
• Motors
• Hotels
• Cement Plants
• Oil Industries



Capacity  Single Phase

1KVA to 50 KVA

Three Phase

3KVA to 500 KVA

in balanced and unbalanced load


Voltage Range

160 – 270V

140 – 270V

90 – 260V

300- 460V

250 – 460V

150 – 460V


Voltage Range

 230V± 1%

or as desired

 415V± 1%

or as desired

 Efficiency  Better than 95%  Better than 95%


Special Features 
Fully Automatic solid state glass
epoxy plug in control card
Very low internal impedance
No effect on load power factor High efficiency better than 95%
High reliability servo motor Wide frequency range from 45Hz to 55HZ
No effect by any transient over voltage surges Auto Manual Operation
Voltage limit indicators Output Voltage adjustable
Input / Output Voltage monitoring Accuracy ± 0.5% to ± 1% from no load to full load
Fast Correction speed (40 volts to 60 volts per sec.) Surge rating 10 times the rated current upto 2 second.
3 times upto 60 seconds, twice upto five minute. Environment: The quoted current rating apply to ambient temperature – 15°C to 45°C  at higher  temperature derate the output current by factors 50°C – 0.93, 53°C – 0.85,

60°C – 0.75 & 70°C – 0.50

Cooling – Oil / Air cool. 110 volts output can also given
Optional Features
Under / Over Voltage Protection Over Current Protection
Single Phase Preventer Reverse Phase sequence protection for three phase unit
Earth fault protection

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