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0.5 KVA

0.5 KVA Inverter with 12V Battery
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2.5 KVA

2.5kVA Inverter 110V DC-230V AC Natural cooled under slung inverter RDSO-PE-SPEC-TL-0132-2009-Rev-0 or EDTS 032 Rev-C
2.5kVA Inverter 110V DC-110V AC Bulk for Non-AC passenger coaches RDSO-PE-SPEC-TL-0131-2009-Rev-0

General Description

The 2.5kVA Bulk Inverter is designed and manufactured for use in Indian Railways coaches. The inverter uses MOSFET and IGBT technology to convert a DC nominal 110V supply into an AC single phase 230Vrms 50 Hz power supply for the distributed loads that are installed in the Indian Railways coaches. The inverter operates by boosting the DC input voltage to establish an isolated intermediate dc link voltage, and then pulse-width-modulating this link voltage with a single-phase IGBT bridge to produce a single-phase AC output voltage. The inverter output is internally filtered to produce a pure sinusoidal output waveform.

The Bulk Inverter comprises:

  • Boost Converter Board, containing the Boost Power Stage, the DSP Controller, and the on-card Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS).
  • Boost Power Stage Series Inductor and Transformer, mounted on a separate heatsink.
  • Output Inverter Board, containing the single-phase Inverter Power Stage, LC-LC filter, and output voltage and current measurement circuitry.
  • EMI Board, containing common-mode chokes and suppression capacitors for mitigation of electromagnetic interference, and the Common- mode Earth Leakage Detection current transformer.

These subassemblies are permanently installed in a specially designed cubicle suitable for installation and operation by Indian Railway. All power switching semiconductors are mounted on potential free naturally cooled heatsinks within the cubicle.

Technical Features
• MOSFET based step-up boost power stage
• IGBT based output inverter power stage
• Input under-voltage & over-voltage protected
• Input over-current protected
• Input current limited
• Sinusoidal Output Waveform
• Output short-circuit protected
• Output over-voltage protected
• Output over-current protected
• Fused Input
• Over temperature protected for both input and output stages
• Earth fault protected
• Controlled DC link voltage
• Low loss/high efficiency operation
• Dust proof cubicle
• Modular design, hence easy maintenance
 • Auto-restart on fault clearance (dependent on fault type and frequency of


• RS232 port provided for parameter updating using a PC

Technical Specifications  
 Input Side
 Rated Input Voltage 230V AC ± 5%, 1 Phase
Minimum Input Voltage 90V DC
Maximum Input Voltage 140V DC + 15% ripple
Output Side
Rated Output Voltage 230V AC ± 1%, 50 ± 0.5Hz
Rated Output Frequency  50Hz. ±0.5%
Rated Output Power 2.5kVA at 0.8pf
Output Waveform Sinusoidal
General Data
 Efficiency  More than 92%
Operating Temp. Range  -5°C to 55°C
Cooling Medium  Natural air cooling
Construction Modular
Protection IP 265 for US Cubicle