24V DC Battery Charger

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24V DC Battery Charger

24V Starter Battery Charger for 500kVA DG set as per RCF

specification number

EDTS-106 [REV.-O] or latest

Typical Specification for 24Vdc Battery Charger
 Power rating 4, 6 and 8 kW 150 amp, 220 amp and 300
Optional power rating 12 and 18 kW
 Part No. #ac supply-hBc8000-24-#kWs
 Supply voltage 380 / 415 / 480 volts 3-phase 30 to 70 hz. Battery charger will accept 320 to 525 Vac3-phase or 376 to 700 Vdc
 Design structure  IGBT phase shifted full bridge
Power factor >0.92 for >50% output load
Phase rotation Insensitive to phase rotation
Inrush current <20 amps peak at 400 Vac input
Output current ramp up
 10 seconds to maximum current
Nominal battery voltage 24 Vdc
Charging battery voltage 27.6 Vdc. (Voltage range 24 to 32 Vdc)
Battery over voltage
36 Vdc
 Charging Algorithm constant current; constant voltage; Trickle
 Equalising voltage 24 to 32 Vdc
Battery charging current Separate current control up to 60 amps in constant current mode, switching to constant voltage mode, switching to trickle charge. remainder of current available for the standing load
Static Output Voltage
0.30 Vdc ±0.05 Vdc from 0 to full load.
Battery temperature
charging current reduced as temperature of  batteries increase above

40ºc. current reduces proportionally to zero as battery temperature approaches 65 ºc

 0 to -50 mV/ ºc
Temperature probe inputs 2 X PT100 inputs (2 or 4 wire)
2 X lM335/aD592 probes
Ripple voltage maximum < 0.5 volts peak to peak at 6 khz
Output Dc filter will be provided
Efficiency 92% Peak current mode detection used to prevent saturation in isolation transformer
Ambient temperature -25 to 60 º c
Active circuit No connection to earth
Overload 100% and current limited
Signal outputs at control
4-20 ma proportional to charging voltage
4-20 ma proportional to charging current
N/O fault contacts available
RS485 serial port Two wire isolated supporting Modbus protocol
Optional access for modifying charging
Optional access to status and fault log
LCD display Optional backlit lcD display visible through front window. lcD to display: charging voltage, charging current, State of charging, constant
current, constant voltage, float charge, Battery temperature, fault status
Mounting location Within vestibule or optional under frame
Protection IP21 internally forced ventilated Or IP65 totally
Weight forced ventilated battery chargers 35 kg Underframe IP65 battery chargers 61 kg
External connections Three military style plugs including mating
cable plugs.
• 3-phase supply input
• 24 VDc output and Data control
• control connections
Voltage surges; lightning Differential mode 2.6 kVp common mode 1.3 kVp for 100 µsec Waveform 1.2/50 µsec

Protective Features

  • I x t overload protection
  • Instantaneous over-current protection 150%
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Earth Fault
  • Under voltage
  • Battery charger over temperature
  • Battery over temperature

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